Gay Project has two purposes:
1) To speak of the real life of a not declared gays, whose life is far from gay stereotypes spread by the media.
To promote dialogue and comparison between gay people, especially not declared, in a dimension of seriousness and mutual respect.

Access to the Chat
Anyone who uses the Gay Project chat should be aware that:

The Chat is a virtual place where you meet people on condition of anonymity. In chat, there are three categories of users.
a) The "Operators" OP, which are marked with a star. These are people known by the staff of Gay Project and reliable, which users can contact in case of need.
b) The "Voice" VOP, which are characterized by a loudspeaker. They are old in the chat.
c) The "ordinary users" OU whose usernames are not marked by any specific sign. Generally these are people unknown to the staff of Gay Project.

Just because the chat is a virtual place where you meet people on condition of anonymity you should be aware that:
a) What is being said in chat by other users may not be true.
b) That there have been several times over the years, cases of false identity or people who entered chatting simultaneously with different identities.

Therefore, I invite you carefully and in particular:
a) To safeguard your privacy by not providing any identifiable personal information, like addresses, phone numbers or cell phone, but also significant elements such as the precise place of residence, school or faculty attended. I remember that the protection of privacy must be exclusively omission and cannot lead in any case the assumption of false identities.
b) To preserve in any way even the privacy of other users, without in any way communicate in chat data, addresses, contacts or identifiable elements belonging to other users.
c) To maintain a critical and rational behavior in every chat conversation without talking about private facts to third persons, avoiding alarmism and food gossip.
d) To communicate and document Gay Project Administration (the mail is shown at the opening of the chat) any misconduct that could lead to a selective ban for a single user, avoiding any "hearsay" and listing only the specific facts that have been know firsthand.
e) Project Administration and the OP will try to exercise the utmost vigilance.

4) Access to the Chat is subject to unbreakable rules, in addition to the prohibitions required by law and by the general rules:
A) In this chat is not admitted any pedophile content, either directly or indirectly through external links. Gay Project is fundamentally incompatible with pedophilia.
B) In this chat is not allowed to talk about politics or religion, either directly or indirectly through external links.
C) In this chat is not allowed any reference to trade, either directly or indirectly through links to commercial sites.
D) In this chat are not allowed pornographic references of any kind, directly or indirectly through external links.
E) In this chat are not allowed references of racist or discriminatory content, either directly or indirectly through external links.
F) In this chat is not allowed to post e-mail, contacts, msn, skype or any other kind of net contact.
G) The user who inserts messages or links in violation of sections A, B, C, D, E and F will be banned.

I urge all users to:
a) Use a proper language.
b) Refrain from sending images even vaguely related to pornography.
c) Do not use the chat for polemic purposes against persons or groups of any kind.
d) Do not feed domestic problems, not to radicalize the disagreements, maintaining an attitude of high availability and cooperation for the peace of all users.

Before entering the chat remember to check first on the two checkboxes below!