Hi, my nickname is project, on August 2007 I started “Gay Project” in Italian “Progetto Gay”, something I can’t even define, community without association, organization without staff and structure, or simply a variable group of friends, in fact around some web sites (forum, chat and blog) there is now a little community of gay people. Nothing to do with sex chats or dating sites, only guys that meet on the chat and write posts to the forum. Now our irc chat service has been internationalized and everyone can join the chat from everywhere in the world. We are Italian guys and we usually chat in Italian but we can also speak English of French if necessary and Spanish in very similar to Italian in the vocabulary and also in the grammar. No problem if you write in your own language because the chat provides online translation from Italian into your language and vice versa. On our pages with links to the chat you can find the clock with Rome time. You can find people on the chat in the afternoon e in the night till two after midnight, Rome time. We’d like to enjoy chatting with friends from over the world and if you are also interested in learning spoken Italian you have a good chance to improve your Italian chatting with Italian gay friends. We’re waiting for you! See you soon on Gay Project Chat!