Le risposte non hanno un limite di lunghezza, pertanto, se arrivi al termine dello spazio, continua pure a scrivere, comparirà una barra di scorrimento che ti permetterà di fare scorrere il testo.


0) My country


1) My age


2) My sexual orientation and its development


3) When and how I understood to be gay


4) When and how I accepted my being gay


5) The difficulties I encountered in the acceptance of my gay identity


6) Hard situations I faced and I must face as a gay


7) Who knows I’m gay


8) My relationship with my parents


9) My relationship with my friends


10) Where does my knowledge of gay reality come from


11) My relationship with my nakedness and others'


12) My relationship with masturbation


13) My relationship with pornography


14) My relationship with meeting-websites and erotic chat


15) How did a I deal with my emotions/sexuality


16) My relationship with girls


17) My relationship with hetero guys


18) My relationship with gay guys


19) What strikes me most in a guy


20) My previous emotional life


21) My current emotional situation


22) My emotional satisfaction level


23) My sexual satisfaction level


24) The weight of sex in my emotional world


25) What I want from my boyfriend


26) What I think I can give my boyfriend


27) What I wish related to my emotional/sexual life


28) Frustrations related to my emotional/sexual life


29) What I want to know about the emotional life /sex of other gay guys


30) How much I am informed about the risks related to certain sexual behaviors


31) Suggestions to improve this service